The cocktail dress that calls all the shots
The cocktail dress that calls all the shots. Courtesy photograph | Kelly Flynn

As fashion designer Kelly Flynn passed through the woods of Marine View Park on one Friday afternoon, she caressed the tree trunks as if to compliment the way they fashioned their leaves and branches.She looked up at the hovering canopy, gazed at the light for a few minutes, then continued down toward the beach.

Flynn frequents the serene forest to seek inspiration for her clothes. She plans on showcasing her next collection this September. She said that the designs will encompass nature, fine art techniques, and the thoughts that take her through life.

So far, she has released three collections to the public. One of them, the Tempest, is, in essence, about intensity, power, and toughness, she said.

“Tempest means against the storm,” Flynn said. “[It is] a collection of strong pieces to aid against the storms of life. I hope that [people] gravitate towards the unique textures and colors and long to touch the garments and see themselves wearing them.”

Her maroon leather coat, which extends below the waist to form a miniskirt, looks like a tailored armor suit for the working woman.

It has attitude: the woman who wears that coat can charge through the frontlines of her busy schedule while attracting admirers.

She said that inspiration for all of her collections came from the environment, light, life, music, and the human figure.

Indeed, Flynn’s love of the human figure is noticeable when one looks at her metallic frock coat, which forms around the turns and stops of a woman’s curves.

“I’m really particular about fashion. I layer pieces. I look for the right parts to put together,” Flynn said. “That’s the biggest goal for me; to flatter the man or woman who wears my garments; to make my clients feel confident, special…unique.”

For the Radiance Collection, Flynn employed softer and brighter fabrics such as silk and shimmering nylon.

“Radiance means to shine,” she said. “I wanted my clients to celebrate their unique qualities, to radiate from within.”

One can see a stylish duel between innocence and edge in the teal-blue dress with shoulder-revealing sleeves. While the sides of the skirt gently puff out into small draperies, which accentuate the hips, large pleats crisscross each other over the bodice as if warmly embracing its wearer.

“My work has definitely evolved; [I am] coming to feel more like Chanel,” Flynn said. “[The] Tempest and Radiance [Collections] are galleries of the work I have designed over the last three years. My most recent collection is my Modern Classic Collection, which emphasizes figure-flattering silhouettes that can be worn throughout many years.”

Like Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, Flynn practices the highest form of clothe making – haute couture.

Every little process such as the sketching, textile selecting, and fitting, is done by Flynn’s own hands. Whatever her client’s needs are, Flynn makes certain that no one leaves her studio disappointed.

“I do try to work for my clients. I care a lot about my clients,” she said. “People can purchase my clothes through online and a scheduled complimentary consultation.”

Her official website is

Blazers range from $350 to $500; dresses cost $400 and up; and wedding dresses cost from $1,000 and up.

As with all couture houses that cater to a select group of patrons, Flynn has gone through her share of hardships during the economic crisis.

When Flynn was reminiscing about the obstacles she had overcome, she contemplated the forest again. She stopped and sighed a deep “so many.”

“When times are hard, you fight for who you are,” she said. “When I see clients light up after wearing my clothes and they are like ‘wow’, those moments are good.”

This story was originally published by The Thunderword.

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