Fashion designer Jason Wu renovates the corset for the modern woman

Jason Wu | Courtesy of
Jason Wu. Courtesy photograph |

The brain contains billions of neurons that work as conductors, which allows electric currents to travel back and forth through the central nervous system to process information. That information includes our sensation, our experiences, our memories, and so forth. I do not know what exactly sparked fashion designer Jason Wu for his most recent collection, but his clothes suggest he was looking toward an alien past for inspiration—a time when women could not even vote. Well times have changed, and Mr. Wu reintroduced some of those traditional ideas of femininity such as, the corset, chiffon, lace, and frills in his spring 2014 collection. It was a polite homage—not an overbearing costume parade—that reminded the press that a woman can be gentle, kind, even docile, and still be dazzling in a century that seems to exclusively praise extrovert personalities. Even the jackets with cargo pockets and the lingerie dress were more soft than edgy. One of my favorite looks from the fashion show includes a platinum blue satin wrap dress, draped over one shoulder and falling seductively over the model’s back, revealing a sheer white corset. Another theme for this collection is vulnerability as a mark of sex appeal, not weakness. I watched one of the models wearing a simple halter dress held together by spaghetti straps, pinching the top corners of the fabric that curtained the front Beneath it, of course, was the corset, protecting the lady as she walked by onlookers. As an ardent feminist, I adore this collection. His spring 2014 collection is a relieving reassurance of his talent.

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