Open-Source Information Collection

Memorandum No. 2

For purposes of transparency, I have drafted a list of publications that I depend on to formulate opinions. Additionally, the following list serves to organize my expenses: funding access to these outlets. Memorandum also explains why each of these constitutes my official Open-source Information Collection.

The Economist is a news organization reputed for their coverage of current events through an international perspective, which has garnered the respect of numerous world leaders and influencers. (“How our readers view The Economist”)

Foreign Affairs magazine is led by the Council of Foreign Relations, a nonpartisan think tank dedicated to international relations research. (“Foreign Affairs”)

Foreign Policy magazine was founded by U.S. political scientist Samuel P. Huntington to cover global current events and policies.

National Geographic is a magazine owned by the National Geographic Society, and they are known for their reports on human societies and scientific exploration. (“About Us”)

The New York Times is the national newspaper of record of the United States. (“The New York Times”)

The Wall Street Journal is a periodical owned by the Dow Jones & Company, hence their emphasis on business and finance. (“The Wall Street Journal: Read Ambitiously”)

The Washington Post is a widely-circulated newspaper focused on national politics and government affairs. The Washington Post solidified their reputation by investigating the Watergate Scandal, which led to the eventual impeachment of U.S. President Richard Nixon. (Perry, “Watergate Case Study”)

The aforementioned media make up my Open-source Information Collection that require financial imbursement. I have not itemized all the open sources, which I employ for when developing analysis or positions. If in the future, I decide to submit indefinitely routine payments for a new source, I will promptly adopt source in question into this memorandum.

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