Acceptable Sources for Assessing the Candidates Running for the Presidential Nomination of the Party

Proclamation No. 2

In support of my July 2019 memorandum, “Assessing the Candidates Running for the Presidential Nomination of the Democratic Party”, I have put together a list of sources I have judged acceptable for consumption. This memorandum, heretofore referred as “Acceptable Sources”, will expand upon the already-existing “Official Open-Source Information Collection”. More specifically, the “Acceptable Sources” accounts for outlets that do not require routine subscription payments from my personal funds.


The 2020 general elections are approaching quickly. Before I cast my vote, I will review the following (in no particular order) materials for reference: autobiographies, biographies, campaign speeches, feature profiles, debates, press conferences, manifestos, and town halls. The list is not exhaustive.


Provided in this section are the (unpaid) platforms I frequent to gather evidences relating to various current events: American Broadcasting Company (ABC), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), FiveThirtyEight, National Public Radio (NPR), Politico, ProPublica, and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). I will add or subtract sources depending on the credibility of new and / or old reports.

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