Acceptable Sources for Assessing the Candidates Running for the Presidential Nomination of the Democratic Party

Proclamation No. 2

In support of my July 2019 memorandum, “Assessing the Candidates Running for the Presidential Nomination of the Democratic Party”, I have put together a list of sources I have judged acceptable for consumption. This memorandum, heretofore referred as “Acceptable Sources”, will expand upon the already-existing “Official Open-Source Information Collection”. More specifically, the “Acceptable Sources” accounts for outlets that do not require routine subscription payments from my personal funds.


The 2020 general elections are approaching quickly. Before I cast my vote, I will review the following (in no particular order) materials for reference: autobiographies, biographies, campaign speeches, feature profiles, debates, press conferences, manifestos, and town halls. The list is not exhaustive.


Provided in this section are the (unpaid) platforms I frequent to gather evidences relating to various current events: American Broadcasting Company (ABC), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), FiveThirtyEight, National Public Radio (NPR), Politico, ProPublica, and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

Information or data provided by government organizations, research institutes, think tanks, and local news outlets are acceptable sources. However, these sources must demonstrate a professional and substantial portfolio with accessible contact methods of the content creators.

I will add or subtract sources depending on the credibility of new and / or old reports.

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