Social Media Platform Consolidation

Proclamation No. 3

From my most current knowledge, I have several public social media network accounts: [names redacted]. In an effort to consolidate my digital presence, reduce traces of my life on the Internet, and strengthen my privacy, I will permanently delete or shut down all the aforementioned accounts by Nov. 1, 2020. Except for my [names redacted] accounts, I will give myself until the end of 2020 (Dec. 30) to close those down forever. In the meantime, I will dedicate an appropriate space on my personal website to archive some of my posts for future evaluation or review. After those deadlines, I will rely solely on my mobile phone and e-mail accounts (personal and work) for communication.

If I remember I had opened any other social media profiles after the 2020 deadlines, I will promptly access them and expunge them.

For privacy reasons, I have excluded the names of the social media networks I patronize.

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