Decision to Invest in the Stock Market

Proclamation No. 4

As I am privileged with steady income, I have decided to invest in stock.

To this end, I will use the mobile phone application Betterment. I have selected Betterment, because “Betterment offers a best-of-breed socially responsible investing (SRI) portfolio.” [1]

Betterment offers a personalized investment suggestion based on one’s risk tolerance. [2] This feature will allow me to independently grow my portfolio safely.

While investing, I will be mindful of my personal code of ethics and morals. I refuse to invest in any institution that harms people or the Earth.

Preferably, I will invest in companies that improve this world.

Due to my commitment to advancing the cause of social justice and climate change, [3] Betterment is the most applicable investment tool for me.

I will amend this proclamation with a list of the businesses I have bought upon purchase.